Web3 English Co-learning 2023Q4 Proposal

Purpose of the Project (related to PlanckerDAO’s core values)

The objective of Web3 English Co-learning is to engage more Chinese-speaking builders in the Ethereum ecosystem by bridging the language gap and introducing more web3-related technological philosophies.

Who will serve the Project?

Pablo & potential volunteers

What are the Project’s goals for the season?

What metrics will the Project track?

The Project will support two quests this season:

  1. Cooperate with https://learnblockchain.cn/ and @yy to set up a Web3 English Co-learning course for developers mainly from the Ethereum community with media exposure.
  2. Build more English co-learning material as public goods.

Each quest has an objective with affiliated KRs.

Objective 1: Make Plancker Web3 English Co-learning course influential in the dev community of LearnblockchainCN.

  • Launch the course next season
  • Prepare Ethereum-related course material
  • Host 50+ students in dev community

Objective 2: Build more English co-learning material as public goods.

  • 6+ English open-source Co-reading articles

Project Budget

The project is requesting $6,000 USDT (with $3000 reserved bounty) to meet the above objectives.

Estimated budget:

Is admission to the Project open or closed? How do people join?

Will set open bounties on PlanckerDAO Dework for people to join as contributors or volunteers. The project leader can also be changed based on proposals at each seasonal meeting.

Ways to join:
Wechat group: contact @accountabstraction in Wechat
Project notion page in PlanckerDAO notion
Open TG Group
Dework Bounty (released intermittently, check out this example)
Follow PlanckerDAO official Wechat account

Evaluation of last season

:white_check_mark: Paid online English camp with 706 successfully launched

:white_check_mark:Paid IRL Chiang Mai English camp with 4seas

  • For
  • Against

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