Proposal: Anne Jiang to Join PlanckerDAO as Media Community Master


  • I have worked with almost all domestic media channels and am familiar with how to maximize collaboration results with media. International media contacts would require re-establishing connections because the previous scope of work did not involve frequent communication, while research and channels are already in my database.

  • I am sure with PlanckerDAO, a cause that can appeal to many, Chinese or International communities, I can continue to explore and build more catered and effective media paradigms for our community.


  • Join PlanckerDAO in the capacity of Community Media Lead starting from 29 May 2023 at 25u/h at around 40 hours per week.

Related Background

  • Joined MakerDAO in '17 to head up Chinese Community PR & media.

  • From '19, she oversaw the non-profit Grant and Resource Support for domestic projects at Ethereum Community Fund and various operation support.

  • From '20-‘22 worked as a PR consultant at ChainNews’ PR consultancy

Proposed Scope of Work

  • As a Community Media Lead, I’ll be responsible for designing and implementing effective public relations strategies that will promote PlanckerDAO’s brand, products, and services and most important of all, demonstrate our determination to be the essential part of our collective causes.

  • I’ll be tasked with creating engaging content by myself and by the media partners in the community, managing media relations, coordinating with various departments, and developing critical narratives that impact the competitive landscape together with operation teams.

  • Tasks will be tracked and managed in a form that collaboration could be easily integrated with a reporting dashboard linked in real-time.


  1. Media Strategy: Develop and execute comprehensive PR and communications strategies to increase brand awareness, attract engineers, and increase credibility as a community-based adherent to Ethereum community culture and values

  2. Account Management: Manage relationships with key influencers and media outlets:

    • Collaborate with internals, including the marketing and product teams, to ensure consistent messaging across all channels

    • Liaise with media relationships to place PlanckerDAO in important narratives (e.g Account Abstraction, Public Goods Funding, Startup Society, etc.) based on community projects’ missions

    • Manage PR agencies and review their impact and tasks

  3. Creative Content: Create and post press releases and help PlanckerDAO with discoverability among media

    • Work closely with the Onboarding team to align affiliate marketing campaigns with new members

    • Take ownership of our social media channels. Day-to-day responsibility for all online channels. Including posting official PlanckerDAO-related messages, event information, retweeted comments from community stakeholders, and more.

      • Design and coordinate creative content for visual aids

Additionally, depending on the stage of the project, budget, and expansion of media operations, other related work can be slowly involved in the contribution scope, such as:

  • Develop and manage the community’s media budget, ensuring financial resources are allocated appropriately

  • As a Contributor of the Ethereum Community Fund (ECF), and liaison in the space, facilitate and coordinate for members to be onboarded, integrated, and promoted on ECF and other significant players in the ecosystem

  • Organise community Meetup events or online AMA in Twitter Space and other platforms

  • Representing PlanckerDAO in forms such as public presentations (English and Chinese)

  • Consult affiliate projects and internal teams for strengthening their own marketing efforts to gain more traction


Welcome Anne!

But I want to see a draft plan to help Plancker to improve Meadia and more, not only ability show.
like the first 3 months plan like:
Investigation and conclusion
Role and specialization

and if get some result after 3 month, and it can be a credential of the Media leader’s qualification

You’re right. Thank you so much for the suggestions.

I’ll proceed to put a more detailed plan and list tasks in a trackable tool for community’s review and feedback. The link will be shared within 2 days so you can also follow when the tasks are being fleshed out after that

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  • No

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Here is a more detailed media plan that includes three major areas: [ClickUp], [ClickUp], and [ClickUp]. The plan outlines milestones for the next three months, which will be implemented incrementally. While measurable results may not occur immediately, progress can be tracked through the chart provided in this tool (ClickUp). Specific implementations will involve proposals, community and media communication contacts, Twitter and Mirror postings, and more.

Few screenshots here:

Please note that accessing the tool requires providing an email address and permission, as it is not fully publicly visible.

Tasks and plans will become more specific once we commence the work. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply or reach out to me.


Add the important information: please join “AnneJ’s Workspace”.