Suggested CBI reference for full-time operations positions

It might be time to have more standard guidelines to set CBI (community basic income) for different community positions. Following the principle of minimal governance, we only initiate governance discussion when it’s required, so we will start with the full-time operation position’s CBI standard.

Some of the community consensus that already exists:

  1. CBI shall be underpaid compared with social salary
  2. CBI does not vary as much as commercial companies do between personnel with different experience
  3. Each member receiving CBI shall have a time cycle on the corresponding position
  4. Technicians are additionally incentivized to pause their technical R&D for joining full-time operations since Ethereum service DAO operations require a decent technical background

Additional suggestions for setting CBI for full-time operations:

  1. Set a general range with reference to social salaries
  2. Qualification and corresponding salary can be judged from five aspects including technical competence: English level, operational capabilities, working experience, and crypto minds.

Social salaries reference:


When we set the CBI standard, we need to compare with other DAO (BuilderDAO/SeeDAO…) as a reference. Social salary & commercial companies’ salary are not comprehensive.


I agree with all Pablo has posted.
I have some additional factors or questions:

  1. Global recruit, global pay? or different country with different pay?
    What I have learned from Zuzalu’s eligibility for subsidy is, they judge from the guy’s country’s GDP.
    It means they think different countries need different compensation.

  2. Do we have an intern time, like one month or three months, to determine if both are adaptable?
    We should build some common rules for the enrollment of the new guys.
    Intern time may be a window to understanding each other.


Good questions. Here are my thoughts.

  1. I think most DAO is global and remote. Many members are nomadic around the world. Thus the CBI standard shall be regardless of physical location. While I use Chinese social salary articles as references, to my knowledge, it’s already a pretty high standard compared with more countries in the world, even similar to western European countries, maybe only lower than the United States. Although I think the question could be postponed since we don’t have the problem now, I think more research shall be done on other international DAOs’ labor cost expenses in the future.

  2. This is one important point I missed in the post (thanks for reminding me). I think we have a community consensus that all potential CBI members shall contribute to the community voluntarily for one or two months.

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Can DaSong help to collect their information as references :grinning: ?

So the first question depends on the exact CBI number or approximate figures compared with the “Global payment level”?
We need more community CBI information to make a decision.
No hurry:)

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SeeDAO 市政厅第二季总预算

and this

Suggested CBI for Arvin, a full-time operation contributor

Based on the discussions above, and the work I’ve done in the past 2 months, I have come up with the following CBI options for me, which requires your votes. The CBI for a full-time operation role, as per our discussion, ranges around 2300 - 2600U, ranging from the baseline, 2500U.

Option 1: 2700U
This adds an additional 200U to the baseline, and I will be responsible for more projects, like right now I am not only co-managing the V for Vendetta column with Survivor, and also taking part in the development and (part of) operation plan for Remix China, also helping with the Shepella Talk for the Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade event. I will also be active in proposing proposals, which will make the whole community to be operating effectively and efficiently.

Option 2: 2500U
This is the baseline for a full-time operation role. And I will be responsible for all the operation work allocated to me. Compared to option 1, I might get involved in multiple projects, but I cannot take on much more, such as I might not be able to handle the part of the operation work for Remix China. I will also be proposing changes to the whole community, but I might not be able to implement all of them.

Option 3: 2300U
This deduces 200U from the baseline. I will complete all the operation work allocated to me, but not be able to be involved to many projects. I will also be co-proposing changes and implementing them with the help of the others.

Option 4: 2500U + Bonuses

This adds a bonus to the baseline. This bonus will be decided using a model like Coordinape. Total bonus is 300U, and all the community members (or members who have worked with me in the past month) will rate my work of the past month, ranging from 0 - 1. And the final bonus = rating * 300.

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
  • Option 4
  • Needs Revising

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I can introduce the SteadyForce Working Group (WG) in LXDAO.

Here’s the proposal: Snapshot

In short, the CBI guarantees a minimum monthly income for those working on DAO projects. Any additional income earned from these projects will be deducted from the CBI.

For example, if your CBI is 3000U per month, you are guaranteed at least 3000U, ensuring you can safely contribute your time to the DAO. If you earn 2000U from a WG or project in a given month, the CBI will cover the remaining 1000U. If you work hard and earn 5000U the following month, the CBI won’t provide any additional funds since you’ve earned more than 3000U. If someone receives 2000U from CBI but doesn’t generate any income through their work, unless their position is the pure outcome, we should consider whether they are fulfilling their commitments.

Btw, I support this one. For example, 3500U per month is good to pay for people living in an Asian country full-time, but in NZ, it just covers my mortgage. And with family, it is not that easy to move to another country because of the income, because I could get a well-paid job locally (might be boring and not related to Web3).

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