PIP 086 V For V_Cult 2023Q4 Proposal

Purpose of the Project (related to PlanckerDAO’s core values)

The objective of V For V_Cult is Cultivate the culture of crypto in the Chinese-speaking area, and incubate projects that are in line with crypto culture and have clear crypto ecological value.

Who will serve the Project?

York & Alan & potential volunteers.

What are the Project’s goals for the season?

  1. 合作3-6个zk以及以太坊路线图相关的技术社区,比如web3行业研究/starknet中文社区等等
  2. 合作3-6个中国或者泰国大学区块链协会,形成大学生的区块链技术联合体;
  3. Organize 6 V For V_Cult in the next quarter.
  4. Translation of 6 articles by Vitalik.
  5. Attracted 35+ regular listeners to the program,并转化其中符合价值观的3-6人为plancker积极的志愿者.

What metrics will the Project track?

The Project will support two quests this season:

  1. Merged with ETS translation team, which translates articles and contributes to V For V_Cult.
  2. Attract more listeners and talent.

Each quest has an objective with affiliated KRs.

Objective 1: Held V For V_Cult & translate one Vitalik article every two weeks.

Objective 2: Attracted 15+ regular listeners to the program.

Project Budget

The project is requesting $2,500 USDT per month to meet the above objectives.

Estimated budget:2023Q4 Budget: V For V_Cult - Google Sheets

Is admission to the Project open or closed? How do people join?

The V for V-Cult column is a permanent cross-community column, which aims to collect articles, EIPs, interviews, and speech videos that Vitalik participated in, and conduct product and technology-related discussions, translation, research, and dissemination. The co-reading meeting is held every two weeks, and the time is fixed on Saturday 16:00-18:00.

Ways to join:

Open TG Group

Follow PlanckerDAO official Wechat account