New year AAStar Target and Team structure(discussion version)

Hey guys


2024 is a good year for build.
Maybe there is only half a year left to build cause of the prediction of the Bull Market.
Most of the guys would not have any patience to build.

So, I would apply to more budget for our construction project.

It should be 20,000 for a month.

Org structure and budget

And the organization(craft) structure plan

  1. yearly host of AAStar role, Jason, 5.2K/m
  2. Two fulltime engineer(full stack), 3K*2/m(after 3-6 month it will be improved)
  3. Two bounty engineer(full stack), 1.5K*2/m(average)
  4. Two parttime engineer(depends on),2-3K*2/m(contract, frontend, backend)
  5. Open cooperator(topic research or tech advisor)1-2K *2/m

5.2+6+3+4+2=2.2W, bottom
5.2+6+3+6+4=2.42W, roof

It can be downgraded after I design the Community Incubation rule.
Builders will get some options for the project. If we launch IXO, builders could sell their tokens in an open market with time limitations.

How to get talents

  1. Web3 College cooperation, 1-8 begin, AAStar split some build topics to build, maybe transfer into AAStar engineer.
  2. We have Rory and Xuchao 2 bounty engineers. ( Weekly meeting on Wednesday night, see telegram channel)
  3. Open this proposal in public to recruit for all( Wish operation group’s helping)
  4. Some other channels, welcome any introduction with bounties.

Yearly meeting notes:

2024 AAStar target


  1. New team organization from Web3 College and other channels.
  2. Launch up Decentralized Paymaster project.
  3. Improve the Security: dev 2FA and hard-roof on a service contract.
  4. Total product solution designation v0.4: application account and SDK


  1. Dev application account with application partner.
  2. Start the Email wallet project, release v0.1.
  3. Start the Mobile application project, release v0.1.
  4. Release test version of AirAccount and Paymaster(Well(#) is project’s name)

It depends on the market and the project’s progress.
Two choices: IXO or release the project into the market. Or financing with a big pie(Complex Network).
Go on building!

Be composable with Ethereum Ecosystem

Yes, we are lack of this.

  1. Recuit an ECO BD, a girl with E of MBTI, a native speaker, a tech background, and deep insight into our project and Ethereum ecosystem.
  2. We must be composable with eco, it is a faith, a mission, a road we must follow!!!
  3. Apply the Ethereum partnership( needs help)
  4. Budget be shared in community public budget and operation group, project groups.

What AAStar will build

  1. An engineering community that focuses on AA building.

  2. Account for all(product).

  3. Apply for ETH fellowship


  1. Accounts for All.
    Ethereum’s roadmap is scaling for the mass adoption of billions of users to provide a human digital future.
    The account is the first barrier of all normals.
    After 2 months of discussion, we built an ETH Istanbul hackathon project named AirAccount to resolve this problem.
    It is not a wallet, it is an account application framework with a decentralized network endorsed.
  2. AirAccount will provide an open-source framework to support all organizations that can use and with a basic service like SMS Ethereum Account, Email Ethereum Account, Mobile Ethereum Account, Application Account(secondary dev on AirAccount) based on Account Abstraction(ERC4337), and later RIP7560.
    More importantly, we build a decentralized network with physical decentralization of Staker, Block Builder(bundler and more), Paymaster, and contract auto-launcher and more relay)
    It will use community ETH stake, multi-sig and smart contract action verification, personal 2FA, daily limitation, hard-roof, and more to guarantee the application layer security.
    It will use software TEE with eBPF(extended Berkeley Packet Filter, a Binary dynamic Webassembly module) to guarantee the system layer security like private key keeping and signature, and behavior monitor.
    It will build an AI contract behavior analysis platform to improve the smart contract interaction security and stop the interaction if detects phishing or evil contract history.
  3. Anyone with no internet can use an SMS Account to transfer ERC20 tokens.
    Anyone as a Web1 user like Email, webpage users can use an Email Ethereum account
    Anyone as a Web2 user can mobile applications using the AirAccount framework under their fingerprint security
    Anyone as a Web3 user can use MetaMask snap or bind any Web3 wallet with AirAccount.
    Any applications of Web3 can create a new application Web3 account based on AirAccount SDK with support like session-key, multi-sig, and business interaction pattern matching mode like ZK proof.
  4. More features for mass adoption focus on security, convenience, and cost to welcome billions of users in the human digital future.

Wish your feedback. It is not only feedback but also a credential of building with future retrospection.
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

We will build in all time despite bull or bear.
However, the focus of the public is easy to attract by trading profits or more.
So we must keep a rhythm according to the market.
We need more budget and accelerate it.

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What level of the engineer? For seniors, 3K might not be enough.

I saw there is no bounty pool, all for salaries, do we have some budgets for initiating new projects or for events?

Also, from the structure list, I didn’t find the operation role below, you mentioned that you need a girl with E of MBTI, a native speaker. This is not easy to find, and not a low budget. The Plancker operation team will provide basic operation support, but it is hard to provide a person for AAstar for it.

From the structure, it makes me feel weird because all of them are developers. If we want to create some products, developers are not enough, designers and product designers are needed. I would recommend reducing some fixed roles and putting the budgets into the bounty pool for products.

We could provide initial startup grants for the products we are certain to build and then assemble a team quickly, then after we get some progress, we could find more funds for it and find more devs or dismiss the product team.

I worried about one situation in which we have many fixed roles, but not many certain tasks to work on.

From the category, I would use:

  • Committed Engineers: includes part-time, full-time, case by case, committed to work on AAstar for xx hours, join the weekly meeting and discussion actively
  • Flexible Engineers: AA enthusiasms, would like to explore, sometimes can participate in some products, get bounties

By yearly, do you mean you will be the PM of AAStar for a year? I would say it is good to limit to one quarter, but highly recommended to last for 2 quarters, and not limited to 2 quarters. These rules balanced the innovations and stability.

I think they all need to participate in public recruitment on the forum. We will do some work to share the AAstar proposal with the community to get talent.

Not sure if we are certain to launch this project, Email wallet project, Mobile application project, etc. From my experience, planning and launching a project is easy, but building it costs a lot. I would say not rush to launch anything, and we need some strategies to make sure we are doing something good.

  1. Recruit from third-tier city remote and Web3College learners(check the Chinese picture I post)
    1. Two bounty engineer(full stack), 1.5K*2/m(average)
    1. Budget be shared in community public budget and operation group, project groups.
  2. Designers use bounty mode, PM is me, a good PM needs good training and a tech background. It is hard to find one in my experience.
  3. It is not fixed roles, just a plan, maybe a lack of some roles.
  4. I’d like to create something that keeps a long-term role, it is my plan. and if the community thinks this should be a quarterly role, I think it is playing, I can quit, it is not a part-time job. We need accumulation to build something.
  5. It is OK to join the public recruit, They post a reply on this thread.
  6. Yeah, it is right to reduce some projects, but it is a total plan.

Thanks for the suggestions, we can host an open discussion on Thursday?

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It is recommended to add a position: operation or assistant, responsible for AAstar’s content precipitation, database construction and external communication, as well as some daily matters.

If AAStar is an individual project, it should add an operation role to hold these things you mentioned.
But I think we can split it into two roles: community public support from the community operation group and a public Ecosystem Developing Role.
It can reduce the budget also.
we can discuss about it

  1. 2-4K,Tiny + Bruce帮忙找,前端+合约,Mobile App+ TEE+WebAssembly, AI
  2. Bounty pool 4-5K(Dework)
  3. ED role, shared
  4. Operation role, 2-3K
  5. Quarterly review, host open position
  6. Organization proposal and personal proposal