Establishment of Optimism Chinese Community


Optimism Chinese Community is an organization that spreads the concept of Optimism and public goods, aiming to be a bridge between the Chinese-speaking community and Optimism, to promote the two-way communication between Optimism and the Chinese-speaking community, and to promote the prosperity of public goods.

Why are we doing this?

  1. RetroPGF has a very small percentage of applied Chinese language projects

In this RetroPGF#3 process, the voice of the Chinese-speaking community is relatively small, with no more than 20 Chinese-speaking community projects known to have applied, and Chinese-speaking community projects accounted for less than 4% of the 644 public goods projects applied for, and there are only 9 Chinese-speaking projects known to have won awards in this RetroPGF#3, accounting for 1.7% of the overall number of awards.

Name Ballot Pass(≥17)
Galxe 47 Yes
Dapp-Learning 45 Yes
WTF Academy 44 Yes
LXDAO 40 Yes
Soul Wallet 39 Yes
DeSchool 32 Yes
Remix CC 29 Yes
MyFirstLayer2 24 Yes
GoPlus Security 18 Yes
Donate3 16 No
EIP Fun 14 No
coinman 5 No
  1. Too few RetroPGF BadgeHolder holders

Vitalik mentioned in RetroPGF#1 that increasing the diversity of regions and roles among badge holders would lead to a fairer and more efficient distribution of RetroPGF as a whole.

In RetroPGF#3, we found that there are too few Chinese speakers, and even in the RetroPGF discussion, some badge holders don’t know Chinese and can’t evaluate the projects accurately and efficiently.

  1. The Chinese community’s understanding of Optimism and public goods is too low.

In the Chinese community, many people tend to discuss the coin price, project investment and research, etc., while ignoring the power of public goods construction, at the same time, in the Optimism Chinese channel, many people’s discussions tend to be related to OP airdrops, prices, etc., and no one has bothered to seriously study and understand the constructive role that OPs can bring in the public goods field.

We are going to set up the Optimism Chinese community around these three issues and gather everyone’s strengths.

Some observations about the public goods ecosystem in Mandarin

In the Mandarin ecosystem, hundreds of teams are emerging and working to spread the word about cryptocurrency and public goods adoption. We live in a region that faces a huge challenge because not only do we need to teach Web3 in a “friendly” way, but we also need to teach the basic concepts of financial education that are not covered in the basic education of most Chinese-speaking communities.

With 1.5 billion Chinese speakers, this is a huge population, and we want to spread public goods and optimistic visions among Chinese speakers.

In terms of public goods construction, Chinese is an even bigger population. Take open source products as an example, according to the 2022 China Open Source Contribution Report the main indicators are as follows

  • Chinese open source contributors accounted for 9.5% of the world’s
  • Chinese developer-led open source projects accounted for 12.5% of the world’s
  • China accounts for 20% of the world’s top 50 open source contributing companies

What makes our league capable of this mission


LXDAO, as a DAO supporting the sustainability of public goods and open source products, has created more than 14 public goods in the past year, and we have developed public goods supported by ESP, Filecoin Foundation, MetaMask and Mask Network.

Focusing on the Ethernet ecosystem, we help Chinese-speaking areas to establish ecological links and increase the discourse and influence of the Chinese language.


Generalized Digital Community for the Global Chinese Community, we support and fund public goods that we believe in!

Dengchain Community

A home for blockchain technology enthusiasts

The commonality of our organizations is the developer community, Chinese language organizations supporting the public goods ecosystem, we will spread Optimism and the concept of public goods in the Chinese language ecosystem and even in the APAC region, to achieve the sustainability of public goods!

Fixed members

Weekly meeting: Every Wednesday at 20:00 (UTC+8)

1 PM, 1 Developer, 1 Operation/BD, 1 Researcher


  • Responsible for organizing basic meetings and coordinating project progress
  • Ensure a deep connection between the organization and Optimism
  • Governance Objective Advancement
  • Op eco-research, output report


  • Responsible for optimism development tasks
  • Op technical documentation translation/optimization


  • Liaise with people, and event organizing and planning
  • Finding influential and valuable Chinese language public goods projects and helping them apply for RetroPGF
Role Time Budget(Monthly)
PM 20h/week 1500
Dev 20h/week 1500
BD 15h/week 1000
Bounty 2000

Duration: 3 Month,Total 18000

How to move forward

We will be working in three directions: education, governance, and product to coordinate the Optimism ecosystem together.

As Optimism is about to enter [Season 5}, we will focus on Season 5 tasks and carry out a series of activities in the Chinese community.

  1. popularize Optimism content and public goods content to the Chinese community, as well as disseminate public goods developments in the Chinese community to Optimism on a regular basis.
  2. with Optimism’s support, successfully launch a project at Optimism and [receive support from Optimism]
  3. regularly output research and articles to spread the word about Op Stack and SuperChain
  4. organizing regular Optimism promotional events
  5. Find more valuable Chinese language public goods programs and help them apply for RetroPGF

Key result


  • OP Governance content is updated weekly
  • Op in-depth article translations, 3 per month
  • Op Space activities, 2 times per month
  • IRL activities, 1~3 times a quarter.


  • Participate in 1~3 projects in the Optimism ecosystem.


  • Output 1~3 research reports related to Optimism governance.
  • RetroPGF#4 Increased the number of applications for the Mandarin Public Goods Program to 25+.

Impact will be an important factor in determining the workload, we will evaluate the impact index once a month to unlock part of the rewards.

We will be the phoenix of the Chinese public goods ecology!



Optimism 中文社区是一个传播 Optimism 和公共物品理念的组织,旨在成为链接华语社区和 Optimism 的桥梁,促进 Optimism 和华语社区的双向传播,促进公共物品的繁荣


  1. RetroPGF 申请的华语项目占比很少

在这次 RetroPGF#3 过程中,华语社区的声音比较少,已知申请的华语社区项目不超过 20 个,在 644 个已申请的公共物品项目中,华语社区的项目只占到了不到 4% 的比重,而此次 RetroPGF#3 已知获奖的华语项目缺只有 9 个,占整体获奖名额的 1.7%

Name Ballot Pass(≥17)
Galxe 47 Yes
Dapp-Learning 45 Yes
WTF Academy 44 Yes
LXDAO 40 Yes
Soul Wallet 39 Yes
DeSchool 32 Yes
Remix CC 29 Yes
MyFirstLayer2 24 Yes
GoPlus Security 18 Yes
Donate3 16 No
EIP Fun 14 No
coinman 5 No
  1. RetroPGF BadgeHolder 持有者过少

Vitalik 在 RetroPGF#1 的评价中提到,在徽章持有者中,增加多元化地区和多元化角色,将会为整个RetroPGF带来更公平,更有效的分配

而在此次 RetroPGF#3 中,我们发现,中文发声者过少,甚至于在 RetroPGF 的讨论中,也有一些徽章持有者不会中文而无法准确有效的评审项目

  1. 华语社区对于 Optimism 和公共物品的了解度过低

在中文社区,很多人往往讨论币价,项目投研等,而忽略了公共物品建设的力量,同时,在 Optimism 中文频道,很多人的讨论往往和 OP 空投,价格等相关,缺没有人去认真研究和理解 OP 在公共物品领域所带来的建设性作用

我们将围绕这三个问题,集结大家的力量,成立 Optimism 中文社区


在华语生态,数百个团队正在涌现,并努力传播加密货币和公共物品的采用。我们生活在一个面临巨大挑战的地区,因为我们不仅需要以“友好”的方式教授 Web3 知识,还需要教授大多数华语社区基础教育中未涵盖的金融教育的基本概念。

会说中文的人群高达 15 亿,这是一个巨大的人群,我们希望能在华语之中传播公共物品和乐观愿景


  • 中国开源贡献者占全球的9.5%
  • 中国开发者主导的开源项目占全球的12.5%
  • 全球开源贡献最大的 50 家公司中,中国占 20%



LXDAO 作为一个支持公共物品和开源产品可持续性的 DAO,在过去的一年中,我们创造出了超过 14 个公共物品,我们开发的公共产品得到了 ESP、Filecoin 基金会、MetaMask 和 Mask Network 的支持。






我们的组织的共性是开发者社区,支持公共物品生态的华语组织,我们将在华语生态乃至APAC区域,传播 Optimism 以及公共物品的概念,实现公共物品的可持续性


每周固定例会:每周三 20:00 (UTC+8)

1 个 PM/主理人 , 1 个 开发,1 个 Operation/BD,1 个研究员


  • 负责组织基础会议,统筹项目进展
  • 保证组织和 Optimism 建立深度联系
  • 治理目标推进


  • 负责 Op 开发任务
  • Op 技术文档翻译/优化


  • 联络人物,以及活动筹办,策划
  • 寻找有影响力和有价值的华语公共物品项目,并帮助他们申请 RetroPGF


  • Op 生态研究,输出报告
Role Time Budget(Monthly)
PM 20h/week 1500
Dev 20h/week 1500
BD 15h/week 1000
Bounty 2000

持续时间 : 3 Month,总计 18000


我们将在教育,治理,产品三个方向协助 Optimism 生态传播

在 Optimism 即将进入 [Season 5] 时期,我们将在 Season 5 任务为重点,在中文社区开展一系列活动

  1. 普及 Optimism 内容和公共物品内容到华语社区,同时向 Optimism 定期传播华语社区公共物品的动态
  2. 在 Optimism 支持下,成功在 Optimism 开展一个项目,并[得到 Optimism 支持]
  3. 定期输出研究和文章,传播 Op Stack 和 SuperChain
  4. 定期举办 Optimism 推广活动
  5. 找到更多有价值的华语公共物品项目,帮助他们申请 RetroPGF



  • OP 治理内容每周更新
  • Op 深度文章翻译,每月 3 篇
  • Op Space 活动,每月 2 次
  • IRL 活动,一季度 1~3 次


  • 参与 Optimism 生态 1~3 个项目


  • 输出 Optimism 治理相关研究报告 1~3 篇
  • RetroPGF#4 让华语公共物品项目申请数量提升到 25+(目前已知 12+ 项目)



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